Update in Progress

It's important to set a time and a place to reassess our position in this world,

our contribution to our world,

our state of empowerment within who we truly are.

Let's embrace these changes around us and the spirit of evolution

into the next level of consciousness that we are entering collectively.

Breathe into this new you, this new us, this new world.

Eco-conscious Jewelry and Apparel

We handcraft each item in Philomath, Oregon with ethically sourced materials and production methods.


It's not Business as Usual

In the past few days, I've been working to setup a sewing studio to make protective gear such as gowns and masks for

professionals in the front lines of the COVID-19. 

I've decided to freeze my brand until further notice, you can see my work uploaded on the website but won't be able to

make purchases until we're out of this. Stay safe and sane!

Anielis Raas (Ani) 03.24.2020

Update: Go Fund Me Campaign is live!

Every product is made to order

We aim for conscious production methods and that includes not having excess inventory. Every time you make an order, we make the item specifically for you. Shipping happens within 2-3 weeks for products listed on the shop and 5-7 weeks for custom orders.

Rutilated Quartz Blouse

Blessing: "Purify your perception, go beyond the surface, be open to different perspectives."


Reach out

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, curiosities, etc.

The Onyx Dress

Blessing: "Embrace the differences with grace"


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Follow our journey, it is more than fashion,

it's about human nature, our ability to create and

our soul's expression into the earthly experience.

We make eco-conscious jewelry and apparel that are versatile and easy to style with classic elements and a bit of flare. Contact us if you have any questions.