The Meaning of ZENPUI

ZENPUI is a combination of two words, Zen and Tepui. It was born in a conversation with a close friend about what to name my brand. I was using my grandma's name, Aurora because she showed me one of the purest forms of love there is. That lead to invoking the feeling of being in the Tepui mountains in the south of Venezuela and north of Brazil. At some point in my life when I visited, it changed my life forever, leading me to a self-discovery journey, in which I eventually found metal smithing and design.

I did not want to appropriate the word Tepui for my brand, in the language of the natives, it means "The House of the Gods." We continued talking about what I experience when I create and that peace, center, interconnection that happens, can be described as finding my Zen. As I researched more about Zen buddishm, I really resonated with learning through experience, because I had realized that I needed to figure myself out through experiences and that it was in me to create a path that was truthful to my very essence. Since that day, ZENPUI is a way to inspire others to connect to their inner power, to connect with something greater that ourselves.

On the following video, I express the meaning and why I do what I do, enJOY!  Special appreciation for my friend Fernando, who edited my video and Vicente, who I had the conversation with.


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