We make eco-conscious jewelry and apparel that are versatile and easy to style with classic elements and a bit of flare. We create with our souls, we are inspired to live in connection with what makes us happy and expand that energy into the world.

The Designer

Anielis Raas (Ani) is the creative force behind ZENPUI. Born and raised in Venezuela, she's been a metalsmith for 16 years, an apparel designer for 9 and an explorer of the self for many more. Ani's purpose is to create beauty through her creative processes and live in a way that honors all the energy put into this world. She believes fashion should embrace the natural diversity of our bodies and use resources consciously, it's not just about how we look, but about how we feel when we present ourselves.

Ani's jewelry is full of symbolism, every piece has a blessing inspired by the healing properties of the materials she uses. Her clothes are form fitting, but not constrictive, she uses classic elements with a twist, the aesthetic allows women to express their personality without sacrificing style or damaging people and the environment. Everything is made to order with eco conscious materials and production methods in her home studio in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.


Tencel denim dress with garnet sterling silver earrings and vintage accesories

Photo by Matt Kellam

The Meaning of ZENPUI

ZENPUI is an invitation to experience a life that allows us to connect with something greater than ourselves. It is composed of two words, ZEN + TEPUI, the first one, beyond the school of Buddhism, it speaks of reaching enlightenment through experience, for us humans, that means reaching happiness through the way we live and TEPUI is the name of the square mountains in the south of Venezuela that in the dialect of the natives means “The House of the Gods.”


Photo by Maiquel Totcatt
Photo by Maiquel Torcatt